ADS Dataset Verification Form

This form can be used as a central entry point to verify datasets ids which may be available from different NASA Archives. It then returns a simple tabular output that can be easily parsed by a program in order to create links to the datasets in question. For more information about this project, please see the Dataset Verification Overview document.

Currently the program is capable of checking the following datacenters:

The datacenters that are checked by default are the ones that are considered operational. All other entries are either inactive or undergoing a test period. If you are responsible for a datacenter and wish to be added to this list, please read the overview document and then register your datacenter.

Please enter below the dataset identifiers you want to verify, optionally preceeded by a label, e.g.:

    xxx   ADS/Sa.CXO#obs/12
    12345 ADS/Sa.ASCA#X/86008020
    23456 ADS/Sa.ROSAT#X/RH701576n00
    11111 ADS/Sa.HST#Y0Q70101T
    22222 ADS/Sa.IUE#swp16877
    irsa: ADS/IRSA.Atlas#2006/0701/121559_24406
(the referring id will be present in the output if and only if it is specified in input).